Size Guide

This size & care guide is designed to help you select the correct size uniform and provide basic wash care instructions to keep your uniform items looking their best.

All of our products have clear wash care instructions on garment labels to follow which enables you to get the best out of them.


  • Always refer to the garment care instructions printed on the label inside your garment.
  • The use of fabric softener is not recommended as it is known to break down fibres in clothing.
  • Turn garments inside out prior to machine washing.
  • Fasten buttons and zips to reduce the risk of damage to clothing.
  • Always wash dark colours separately.
  • Always ensure you sort your garments into like for like colours and fabrics prior to washing.
  • For whites, we recommend the use of wash care products that are specifically formulated for whites. This ensures your whites stay white.
  • Stain removers containing optical brightening agents or bleach are not recommended for use on colours or darks.



Many items of school uniform are sold as a specific size not by age - if you are used to buying by age we advise that you measure your child and check the Age/Inch comparison Size Guide below.
Garment sizes in Inches are a "TO FIT" size therefore if your child measures a 26" chest we would advise you to order a 26" chest as garments are made to fit that chest size - only order a larger size if you are allowing room for growth.
There is one exception to this rule and that is KNITWEAR - please order one size larger than chest measurement.
We strongly advise that you measure your child and check the Age/Inch comparison Size Guide below.

PLEASE NOTE: These measurements are for guidance only. We supply a variety of different brands with varying fits, if in doubt you should see your school for a sizing set.


All sizes are ‘to fit’ these measurements unless otherwise stated.

*These sizes are actual garment measurements

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