How Do I order?

Returning customer? You can simply just login (top right of the page)
and go straight to your child's page.

Primary Schools

Click on ‘find my school’ and a list of schools will appear. Scroll down and find your child’s school.

Alternatively, find your child’s school by either filling out the name of the school, postcode, county or town then click ‘find my school’ .

Primary Schools

Once you have found your child’s school, click through to the product page. Choose the colour, size and quantity of the required product and then ‘add to basket’

Primary Schools

Once you have finished shopping you will need to click on the basket icon (right hand corner of the screen).

At this point, if you haven't already
registered with Mapac you will be prompted to input your details (don't worry, this only takes a moment!) You will then proceed to the checkout.


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